The Launch of Sales for Coaches and Consultants Podcast

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Welcome to the start of Sales for Coaches and Consultants Mastermind!

This is the show if you are looking to attract high quality leads and get them in your programs.  So that you can build the business you envisioned when you first started out.

This podcast is for….

  • Coaches, consultants, trainers, healers, practitioners and those in the service based businesses.
  • People that want to make a big impact on others lives and in return have the reward to creating the life that they want.

This podcast is NOT for the following people…

  • Looking for “closing” tactics (they actually don’t work) or any manipulative tactics to land clients.
  • Wanting some “easy” strategy to work 20 hours and build a million dollar business. (It DOESN’T exist).  Sorry this is for people that are committed to put in the work and are dedicated to serve others and themselves.
  • Looking for reasons why these strategies will not work for them and they are the exception.

What to expect….

  • At least two episodes every week.  One solo chat sharing strategies I used to build my full time coaching practice and interviewing another professional to talk about marketing and sales strategies.
  • You can’t build a business without marketing and you can build a business without sales.  So we will be sharing strategies for both.
  • I will put in my all to make every episode the highest quality possible.  That said, I don’t practice perfection.  As this podcast grows, I will get stronger as a host.  Please be patient.
  • You have guest requests, suggestions, and feedback let me know.  This is my show, but feedback is the best way that I can grow.

Join the Sales for Coaches and Consultants FREE Mastermind

Join an intimate group of professionals looking to grow their businesses.  I’m sharing content there that I’m not sharing anywhere else.  You can join by registering HERE.