Successfully Implementing Messenger Bots in Your Business with Katya Sarmiento

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“I feel like in 2017 everyone was talking about Messenger Bots and Bitcoin.” ~Katya Sarmiento

Messenger Bots was all the talk in the digital marketing world last year.

Some have cried, “Spam and a fad that will quickly fade.”

Other are proclaiming, “Bots will change the digital marketing world.”

When it comes to Bots – I’m drinking the kool aid.

That is why I brought Katya Sarmiento onto the show.

Katya co-founded Bots for Business and helps online entrepreneurs effective implement Messenger Bots into their business to stand out in the marketplace.

During out conversation, we talked about…

  • The numbers behind Messenger Bots that has the digital marketing world excited.
  • How to use Bots right so you don’t come across as spam and gets your audience excited when you message them.
  • Katya shares real world examples of how she is using Messenger Bots to generate more sales.
  • And much more!

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