Following Up with Your Leads to Maximize Your Sales

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Most digital marketers out there are selling you a lie on how an online business is built.

Some out there aren’t pulling back the curtain completely because they don’t want you to see that building a successful business takes work.

Others truly don’t understand how to maximize the amount of leads that convert to clients.

Here is a little secret you need to implement to consistently bring in more clients and build a more stable business. One that has predictable income coming in each and every month.

Unfortunately, it isn’t sexy and a bit boring in a digital marketing space that has a ton of fancy bells and whistles.

Salesmen (and saleswomen) that are dominating their marketplace are winning because they are the best at FOLLOWING UP with their qualified leads.

That’s it.

It is not because they have the sleekest marketing funnel, sexiest unique selling proposition, or Pulitzer Prize winning copy writing skills.

It’s not be they are a “one call closer”.

They win because they keep showing up and presenting an opportunity their leads can have if they start working with them.

Offline, it is common knowledge that it takes 7-12 touches to turn a lead into a high paying client.

Online it is probably more like 20-100 touches.

There is just more noise, distractions and less personal connection online.

But the online world presents unique ways that you can follow up with your leads and reach them far easier then ever before.

And some follow up strategies are more powerful then others.

In this week’s episode of Client Attraction for Online Entrepreneurs, I chat with you about following up with your leads online.

So you never miss a potential sale and maximize your conversion of qualified leads.

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