Experience from Millionaire Mentorship

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Over the last 6 months I’ve grown more as an entrepreneur then ever before. A big part of that has come from lots of action and receiving feedback.

Last night, I was reflecting on notes I’d taken from all the feedback given to me during this time.

Here was something that popped out at me.

MILLIONAIRE entrepreneurs at most gave me two pieces of information to improve on. Never were my action items over a page long.

Everything they gave me could be done and relaunched in 2-3 hrs.

6 FIGURE entrepreneurs at most gave me 5 items to improve. Action items were usually 1.5-2 pages long.

Their advice usually could be implemented and relaunched in a day.

EVERYONE ELSE either gave me no feedback or had a long list of things that I could be doing better. I have 10 pages written from feedback given by one person on everything I can do better.

Their advice would take weeks to incorporate and more then likely required changing at least 3 approaches to my business.

FOR EXAMPLE, say I boosted a 5 min video on FB live.

The MILLIONAIRE would tell me to cut it to 2 minutes and probably end it there. “Look at the stats and iterate”

The 6 FIGURE entrepreneur might add a critique to the copy and headline that complimented the video.

EVERYONE ELSE would tell me about how the opening needs to be tighter. That I need to have better diction. The lighting isn’t quite right, I probably need to join Toastmasters, etc.


MILLIONAIRES don’t strive for perfection. Actually they embrace imperfection. They advocate making small iterations and moving forward. All they care about is taking consistent action and seeing the feedback.

6 FIGURE ENTREPRENEURS dive into more details, but still keep it simple. They give practical details that can be applied quickly to keep moving forward to keep momentum.

BELOW 6 FIGURES earners love to dive into all the details and share all their knowledge. They quote random stats, all the books and advocate massive change. Many live in paralysis by analysis and project it upon you.