3 Reasons You Need to be Selling a High Ticket Service

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There is a delusion in the coaching/consulting space that selling online courses for $997 is the golden ticket to freedom.  That some course is going to give them the opportunity to “make money in their sleep.”

For those with the right relationships or a big enough audience that will work, but the rest of the 99.9999%….well we need a different solution.

That solution is high-ticket programs.  Here are three reasons why…

1. You can quickly change your financial freedom

Most coaches, consultants and trainers live paycheck to paycheck (and have a second job).  Their major problem is A) They think building an online program will solve the problem.  Keeping them in a continuous building mode and selling sub-$1,000 programs.  B) They avoid the sales conversation like the bubonic plague.

So they always stay broke.  Never having the financial freedom to hire staff, outsource, scale their business with paid advertising, etc.  Leaving most burnt out before they ever reach year two of their business.

2. Leverage Your Time to Conduct Money Making Tasks

There needs to be at least one person in a company that can spend 80% of their time marketing and selling.  If your head salesperson (which is probably you) is not out selling a business will fail.  Let me repeat, if you aren’t out marketing and selling 80% of the time your business will fail.

Having high ticket clients allows you to work with less people, so you can spend more time finding new clients.

3. Committed clients are willing to pay

If someone’s leg needed an emergency surgery to survive, the person would find the money.  The same goes for your ideal clients.  If they are truly committed to resolving the pain they are feeling, they will find the money.

You only want to work with committed people.  They take less effort to create momentum.  They will take massive action.  Creating amazing results.

You need to price out the flakes, so you can concentrate on the diamonds.  They will prove to you the worth that you have and you will leverage that success to start getting paid what you’re actually worth.

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