3 Steps to Building Your Consulting Business Fast

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It is an exciting time right now for Client Enrollment Academy.  We have built out a fully automated marketing funnel and finalized our Signature Online Program during June.

During this process, I’ve been doing a lot of reflection over the two years it took to get where I am today and, to be honest, I would done it completely different if I started all over again.

For anyone right now struggling to get their business moving and creating momentum, I wanted to share the three things I would’ve done differently starting out.

1. Found the Fastest Way to Start Generating Lead and Sales 

Business is all about cash flow.  Without it a business owner cannot survive.

Starting out I build a podcast, An Evolving Lifestyle, which was a lot of work and high rewarding.  But it podcasting doesn’t create instant leads and cash flow.  Plus, you have to build a website, edit your audio, book interview, etc.  Too much time spent on things that don’t generate cash flow quickly.

Starting out today, I would of used Facebook organically to start generating leads and clients.  With consistency, I would of probably landed clients in my first month and been able to create consistent income of $3-7k after three months.

2. Focus on one marketing platform and been consistent

Like most people starting out, I wanted to be everywhere on social media.  What I didn’t realize is that social media is more then just about creating posts with targeted hashtags.

To effectively utilize social media you have to treat it like community.  Its too hard to attempt to build five communities at once, while also mastering the platform as a marketing tool.

Instead of trying to post on Twitter, Linked, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, most people should start out need to focus on one platform until that have built a community and truly master the platform.

My recommendation is those in the B2B world should use LinkedIn.  Those in the coaching or training world should utilize Facebook or Instagram.

3. Invest in 1-on-1 coaching

I spent way too much money on DIY programs, when what I really needed was actual mentorship.  Someone that was able to give me direction and hold me accountable to taking action.

Specifically, I would of found a coach that taught how to generate leads and sell on the marketing platform I chose to commit to.

Utilizing these three principles immediately into my business would’ve supercharged my growth, brought cash quickly into my business and allowed me to be at least three steps farther in my journey.

Instead of keeping my business simple, I took a direction that had me building and not generating the cash flow that keeps so many businesses starved.

Are You Looking to Gain More Cash Flow Fast?

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