Should you build an online course?

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Most coaches look at the online space and are drawn to the ideal of creating an online course for their business.  They believe that the online course is the ticket to building the life and income that they desire.

It’s that ticket to “passive income” and “making money in your sleep” or whatever catch phrase people use these days.

What often gets overlooked is the crucial piece to any successful online product–an audience.

Most coaches don’t have the necessary audience to make such a product success.

So after spending hours in their basements building this program out–they are left with 60-200+ hours building something with no one to buy.

It leaves them feeling defeated, burnt out and frustrated about not being able to share their gifts with others.

There are two reasons why new coaches quickly jump on the online course bandwagon…

  1. They bought into the “passive” income craze without realizing the work.
  2. They are scared of selling.

The second reason is really why so many coaches run to online programs as their source of income.  They are too scared to have the conversation or don’t know how to have it.

In this episode I dive deeper into determining if building an online course is right for where you currently are in your coaching business.

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