Finding High Quality Leads for Your Business

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Too often I hear coaches and trainers saying…

“No one is willing to invest in my services.”

“People here don’t value what I do.”

This is just not true.  Your ideal client is out there.  Both in your neighborhood and out there is the online space.

Where you are probably struggling in your lead generation is that you aren’t spending time with people that are actually willing to invest in themselves.

Once you spend time with people that showcase they value investing in themselves, your business will change.

Here are the four criteria I use to determine if a lead is high quality.  Are they invest…

  • Their time to go out and search for leads and resolve their current struggles?
  • Are they investing by taking action towards making their goals a reality?
  • Do they invest their network and knowledge to help others out?
  • Are they investing their money in themselves to get to the next level?

The more the answer is “Yes” to these four questions to higher quality lead I have for my business.

In this episode, I dive deeper into these four questions and locating quality leads for your business.

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