Leveraging 3rd Party Audiences to Generating Leads

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One of the biggest missed opportunities for coaches growing their business is not utilizing third party audiences to generate leads.  Most coaches think they need to gain their audience one person at a time.

That one conversation.

That one additional friend gain on Facebook.

Five new Instagram followers today.

That one email subscriber.  (Hell Yeah)

While this is important, imaging if you could utilize another person’s email list, Instagram audience, etc.

It is far easier to grow utilizing others audiences then solely relying on building out yours one person at a time.

And it it easier then most people realize.

Imagine being able to have access to 20,000-80,000 people, instead of trying to build that traffic on your own.

Here are three ways to do so…

  1. Get on other people’s podcasts
  2. Guest write for publications like Addicted2Success, Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Mind Body Green, Good Men Project, etc.
  3. Guest blog on other people’s sites.

How do you get on a podcast or publish for one of these sites?

The podcast process…

step 1: Find a podcast and listen to a couple episodes.

step 2: Reach out to the podcast and create an email that is sequenced as follows:

-> Open up with a compliment and give some specific that you liked about the content.

-> let them know you are interested to come on the show to talk about a specific thing and tell them why you believe it is important for their audience.

-> Use the “either way” close

“either way, thanks for putting out quality content and serving your audience at a high level”

The online publication process…

-> Research the site you want to write for and figure out what kind of content they like to share with their audience.

-> Put together an article with a strong headline.  People love to read list type articles.  “The 5 things…”

-> Use a similar pitch as the podcast approach

-> Paste your article below your signature

As long as you put together a quality article, these publications will more then likely publish your content.

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