3 Steps to Attracting High Quality Leads

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Enrolling high quality clients start long before the enrollment conversation.  Too many coaches and consultants believe that no one wants their services, when the real problem is that they aren’t attracting the right type of clients.

Working with dozens of business owners and building out my own practice, I have found this three step process the quickest way to attract the right people for your products.

What is the Client Attraction Formula…

Client Attraction = Message + Story + Authority


In your messaging, you need to make sure your are speaking to your IDEAL client.  The exact person you want to attract into your business and work with.  Your messaging should speak to their…

  • Goals
  • Pain points
  • Insecurities
  • Personal interests and activities


People buy from those that they…

  • Like
  • Know
  • Trust

The fastest way to create connection with your target audience is by sharing personal stories that relate to them.  When you showcase vulnerability with your audience, they will be attracted to who you are and have a willingness to open up to you.


Establishing authority in your field is essential to attracting clients.  Many feel authority is difficult to create, which makes them overcompensate, but can easily be obtained through.

  • Podcasting / Blogging
  • Testimonials
  • Writing for 3rd Party Publications
  • Speaking
  • Writing a book

Want to learn how to tell powerful story?

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