Crush Your 2018 Financial Goals in 6 Months

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The 2018 year is upon us and it is time time to tackle those business goals that you’ve laid out for yourself.

Most online entrepreneurs and business owners can crush their financial goals for the year in six months or less.fad

All they have to do is focus on four areas of their business and make some slight adjustments to reap big financial rewards.

Those four things are…

  • Double down on what worked in 2017 and stop everything else that didn’t generate sales conversations, quality connections and actual sales.
  • Connect with higher quality leads that are taking action and have money to spend.
  • Focus on the depth of the relationships, rather then your reach.  Spend more time on the leads you’ve already generated then running around trying to find new leads.
  • Raise your rates.  The easiest way to scale your business is to raise your rates.

If you want to dive deeper into each one of these principles.  Make sure to listen to this podcast where I layout your strategy to meet your financial goals in six months time.

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