Creating Relationships and Exploding Your Sales on Facebook with Ben Perry

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In the world where everyone wants to sell you a funnel and teach you how to get people to trip over your low cost products — there is a crucial piece of online marketing most “gurus” won’t talk about.

Maybe because it takes works.  Or because it’s not sexy.

But the key to any successful business — especially in high ticket sales — is building relationships.

And it doesn’t matter how many leads you’re generating if you can’t create friendships.

That is why I brought Ben Perry onto the show.

Ben is a master at using Facebook organically to create engagement, build relationships and start conversations that lead to sales.

During out conversation, we talked about…

  • Why you need more then just the funnel or webinar to land clients with social media.
  • How to bring awareness to yourself on Facebook and the content you should be producing.
  • Hacks to start creating more engagement and when to pitch your products.
  • And much more!


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