Client Enrollment Academy helps small businesses owners with marketing and sales strategies so that they can quickly start generating additional cash flow into their business.

This organizations serves businesses two ways:

1. Using the Client Attraction Formula, Benjamin shows coaches, consultants, trainers and service based business how to attract quality leads and turn them into high paying clients.

2. Implementing his Profit with Facebook Ads Blueprint, Benjamin utilizes Facebook Ads to stand out in the marketplace and generate more sales.  Giving them an edge over their competitors in the marketplace.

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“In only 3 months working with Ben, I am putting on retreats and enrolling clients into packages as high as $80,000. Ben has changed my perspective and expanded my vision on what I can create with my health practice.”

Nicole Massage Therapist

“Prior to working with Benjamin, I didn’t have complete clarity on how I wanted to serve people and wasn’t able to enroll any clients.  Immediately after starting to work with Benjamin, he brought clarity to how I could serve people and had me implementing marketing strategies immediately.  Three weeks into the program I was able to land my first paying client…for $5,000.  Benjamin completely blew my mind on what was possible for my business.”

Josh Wiesler Relationship Coach

“The day after enrolling with Benjamin I was co-authoring a book. In seven months I went from 0 to 8 clients, was speaking on stages, and co-author of two books.”

Reece Anderson Anxiety Coach

Jamie Nudelman – Personal Trainer

"Before working with Benjamin, I was struggle to generate consistent clients in my business and was spending most of my time building websites.  Within two weeks of working with Benjamin, I was able to triple the earning I was bringing into my business." - Jamie N.